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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the official website of the K-12 Education Administration (K12EA), under the Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as "this website"). K12EA has established this set of guidelines for the management and protection of personal data and privacy. These guidelines will regulate the standard operating procedures for the collection, processing, and use of personal data, ensure the reasonable use of personal data, and exemplify the ministry's resolve to safeguard personal data and privacy. The Ministry of Education seeks to provide safe and reliable information services while ensuring that the ministry's operations comply with the requirements stipulated by relevant laws and regulations. These guidelines are in place to ensure the uninterrupted running of the ministry's operations and minimize the risk of inappropriate disclosure of personal data, so that the rights and interests of relevant personnel can be protected. The Ministry of Education hopes to ensure the implementation of personal data protection, uphold the reputation of the ministry, and provide sustainable services to the people.

In order to maintain the day-to-day and smooth running of the department, K12EA collects, processes, and uses personal data of educators and students in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. K12EA also manages and protects personal data files in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and utilizes its own Personal Information Management System (PIMS) to this end.

K12EA holds the privacy rights of its website users in high regard. Website users are urged to read the privacy protection statement below carefully to safeguard their rights:

  1. . Scope of Privacy Protection Statement
    This privacy protection statement applies to the collection, processing, use, and protection of personal data involved in the execution of ministry projects and internal administrative operations by all employees, vendors handling outsourced projects, and suppliers of K12EA. It also covers how K12EA handles personal data shared by users of this website when they access online services or participate in any activities hosted on the website. The statement also covers personal data shared by K12EA with other government agencies in collaborative projects across agencies.

    The statement does not apply to organizations and departments other than K12EA, nor does it apply to personnel not employed or managed by K12EA.
  2. . Guiding principles for the collection, processing, and use of personal data
    1. K12EA collects, processes, and uses required personal data in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and within the parameters relevant to the purpose on hand, in the execution of various ministry undertakings, projects, internal administrative operations, as well as in the subscription services of its e-newsletter. The personal data collected can include the user’s name, address, date of birth, ID number, passport number, ARC number, gender, mobile number, email address, school records, information on family members, academic qualifications, examination results, financial status, health status, photograph, insurance coverage, financial account number, job title, occupation, name of school, level of study, address of workplace, employment period, work experience, work attendance records, performance appraisal, rewards and penalties, salary, past experience, qualifications, appointment and dismissal, work evaluation, training, payment of social insurance, ethnicity, referee, and administrative sanctions. The collection of all personal data shall be legitimately and reasonably linked to the purpose of data collection, and the data shall be processed and used in an appropriate, relevant, adequate, fair, lawful, and legitimate capacity.
    2. The archival period of personal data files shall be determined based on the relevant legal stipulations relevant to the task and the practical requirements arising from the task’s execution.
    3. K12EA will notify website users about the collection of personal data prior to the collection. A notice will be displayed in accordance with Taiwan's PDPA. K12EA will seek the user's consent before using their personal data for purposes other than the original one stated.
    4. Unless the data subject's consent has been obtained, or otherwise stipulated by other special provisions of the existing laws and regulations, K12EA will never share any personal data with a third party.
  3. . Principles for the collection, processing, and use of personal data on the K12EA website
    1. This website collects personal data for the purpose of verifying the identity of users retrieving data from the site, as well as providing various services to the users.
    2. K12EA will request personal data such as the name, address, mobile number, and email address of its website users when they access interactive functions like personal inboxes and questionnaires, browse the website, or use other services on the website.
    3. K12EA will archive the above-mentioned information provided by the user, as well as other data generated by the user in the process of browsing or retrieving information on the website, including the IP address, time of access, browser used, browsing and selection records, etc. The data will be used as a reference for K12EA to improve on the services provided on the website. These records are for internal use and will not be released to the public.
    4. In order to provide targeted services, K12EA will collate and analyze the data collected through questionnaires and present the findings in the form of statistical data or explanatory texts. Other than for the purpose of internal research, K12EA will also publish statistical data and explanatory texts as necessary, but no specific personal information will be published in such instances.
  4. . Notice on personal data collection
    1. Name of government agency: K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education
    2. Purpose of data collection:
      Administrative operations pertaining to education or training, management of data of students (including graduates and alumni) and staff, human resource management, management of retirement fund or pension, information and communication services, management of information and communication database, social insurance, procurement and supply management, tax administration, declaration of assets by civil servants, execution of administrative duties, and administration pertaining to disaster prevention and protection.
    3. Categories of personal data:
      Type for identifying individuals, type for identifying in government data, type for identifying finance, description of individual, family, student examination records, details about other family members, qualifications or skills, current employment status, occupation, work experience, employment history, work and attendance records, salary, income, assets and investments, insurance details, health records, payment of social insurance, ethnicity or race, and other evaluations and administrative sanctions.
    4. The time period, territory, recipients, and methods of which the personal data is used
      1. Time period: As stipulated by laws, contracts, and agreements.
      2. Territory: The territory of the Republic of China and the locations of foreign diplomatic entities.
      3. Recipients: K12EA, agencies that have official dealings with K12EA, units and vendors responsible for outsourced work from K12EA, and agencies that have the legal power to conduct investigations.
      4. Methods: Personal data can be used by K12EA in paper or electronic forms within parameters stipulated by the law.
    5. When a user exercises the rights stipulated in Article 3 of the PDPA with respect to the personal data they have provided, K12EA will handle the case in accordance with relevant rules and regulations under the PDPA and K12EA's PIMS.
    6. Users have the choice of whether to provide personal data to K12EA (except for mandatory fields required by law). Not providing the data required might affect the range of the services provided by K12EA.
  5. . Rights of data subjects
    In accordance with the PDPA and relevant statutory regulations, K12EA provides data subjects with the following rights with respect to their personal data:
    (1) The right to make an inquiry of and to review his/her personal data.
    (2) The right to request a copy of his/her personal data.
    (3) The right to supplement or correct his/her personal data.
    (4) The right to demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of his/her personal data.
    (5) The right to erase his/her personal data.
    (6) The right to request for restrictions on processing and use of personal data (in the event that the correctness of the data is in dispute, processing and use of the data shall be temporarily suspended before the dispute is resolved).
    (7) The right to data portability (data subjects are allowed to obtain and reuse their personal data across different services).
    However, with regard to data required for K12EA to perform legal duties or operations, K12EA reserves the right to override the above stipulations. In addition, if the above rights are enforced and the relevant rights and interests of the data subjects may be affected, data subjects can also file complaints to the Ministry of Education in order to safeguard their personal rights.
  6. . Data storage and protection
    1. K12EA will store all the personal data provided by users in the department’s data storage system and employ strict data protection measures to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the data.
    2. The website's server is equipped with various information security equipment, such as firewalls and anti-virus systems, and other necessary safety measures. Strict protective measures have been put in place to protect the website and all personal data.
    3. All K12EA staff have undergone comprehensive training on information confidentiality and fully understand that upholding the confidentiality of user information is their fundamental responsibility. If a staff member fails to fulfill their obligation to safeguard information confidentiality, they will face disciplinary measures as stipulated by relevant laws and K12EA rules and regulations.
    4. In order to protect the integrity and security of the personal data of data subjects, the data processing system used for the storage of personal data has received proper maintenance and complies with the stringent requirements set by relevant authorities. These measures have been put in place to protect the personal data of data subjects from unauthorized access or destruction.
    5. In the event that K12EA finds it necessary to entrust a third party agent to provide services for official matters, K12EA will also strictly require them to adhere to confidentiality regulations and perform necessary inspections to ensure the compliance of the third party agent.
  7. . External links
    The K12EA website provides links to other websites. Users can access other websites by clicking on the links on the K12EA website. However, the Privacy Protection Statement of this website is not applicable to these external websites. Please refer to the Privacy Protection Statement of these other websites for their policies.
  8. . Overseas transfer of personal data
    Unless the data subject's consent has been obtained, or otherwise stipulated by other special provisions of the existing laws and regulations, K12EA will not transfer any personal data overseas. In the event that overseas transfer is necessary, K12EA will comply with the following regulations:
    1. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations governing public agencies, the transfer of personal data to regions or countries not permitted by law is strictly forbidden.
    2. When personal data is transferred out of K12EA to other individuals, organizations, groups, regions, or countries, the appropriate security and maintenance measures of the transfer destination and the recipient should be taken into consideration.
    3. All external transfers of personal data out of K12EA shall be reviewed and approved prior to the act of transfer.
    4. Under the following circumstances, the cross-border transfer of personal data or files shall be appropriately protected and handled in accordance with the instructions given by the authority-in-charge:
      1. Where major national interests are involved.
      2. Where an international treaty or agreement so stipulates.
      3. Where the country receiving the personal data lacks proper regulations on the protection of personal data and the data subjects' rights and interests may consequently be harmed.
      4. Where the cross-border transfer of the personal data to a third country (territory) is carried out to circumvent the PDPA.
  9. . Channels for data subjects to exercise their rights
    When a data subject requests to exercise their rights, they can do so through the channels provided by this website after verification of identity in order to safeguard their own rights and interests.
  10. . Use of cookies
    In order to provide users with the most ideal personalized service, this website places and accesses cookies on the user's device to record and analyze user behavior. This system enables the website to identify users and personalize services. For instance, the website can perform different actions based on a user's preference for certain types of data. If a user does not wish to have cookies placed in their device, they can change the privacy settings of their browser (by accessing the Functions tab) to High so as to block the placing of cookies. However, this might cause some functions of the website to not be properly carried out.
  11. . Self-protection measures
    Please keep your network credentials, passwords, and any personal data secure. Do not provide any personal data, especially passwords, to anyone or any organization. After users are done with the various services provided by the K12EA website, they are reminded to log out of their account. If a shared or public computer has been used, users are reminded to close the browser window to prevent others from access their personal data.
  12. . Amendment of Privacy Protection Statement
    The K12EA Privacy Protection Statement shall be revised at any time in response to changing circumstances, in order to carry out its purpose of safeguarding the privacy of its website users. The revised statement will be published on the K12EA website.
  13. . Questions and suggestions
    If you have any questions or concerns about how K12EA collects, uses, or discloses your personal data, please email
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